National Award Winners


    Tamil Nadu State Film Awards 1998   

 Best Film Award (2nd Place)

 Best Villain - Ranjith

 Best Dialogue Writer - Bharathi

Marumalarchi (English: revival) is an Indian1998Tamil language film directed by Bharathi. The film features Mammootty, Devayani, Ranjith and Mansoor Ali Khan in lead roles. The film was released on 14 January 1998.[1] The film was remade in Kannada as Soorappa with Vishnuvardhan and Shruti.Mammooty is the centre figure of 38 patti, the man of honour who has dedicated his life for the welfare of the village people. He is so respected that the people even erect his statue . As the people in his village would not take money for his shopping, he goes to a nearby village. In the crowded fair (sandhai) Mammooty pulls Devayani s hand to save her from an approaching cobra. Unfortunately nobody but the hero and his car driver seems to have noticed the cobra. Devayani makes a big fuss of the event by assuming Mammooty to be a rogue. The local big boys (Ranjith and Mansoor), who are also in similar status as Mammooty in their village, beat him up in public without taking notice of his defense.


Mammooty warns his driver not to mention the humiliating incident to anyone and pretends the injuries were due to an accident. Poor mother Manorama believes so. However, Ranjith and co. later realize that Mammooty actually helped Devayani from snake bite and regret the incident. As per his father s advice, Ranjith jets off to Mammooty s village on the very night to seek an apology. While Ranjith is overwhelmed by Mammooty s generosity and forgivingness, the car driver, not able to contain the humiliation to his master, opens that up to his close friends. The masses of the 38 patti arise, not only, to demolish Ranjith s village but also to burn his parents as well as Devayani s mother alive on the same night. The returning Ranjith sees the destruction as Mammooty s cunning plan.

The trio (Ranjith, Mansoor, and Devayani) vow to take revenge on Mammooty in a similarly cunning fashion. However, Mammooty gets furious with his driver and his village people when he comes to know about the previous night s riot. What can he do but to apologize to the victims, who see him as their villain and refuse to take any monetary help from him. He offers to marry Devayani, as she has nobody left in her life to live with. But she sees this as an opportunity to destroy Mammooty. Both Ranjith and Mansoor are also convinced so. The turn of events, one after another, change their mind about Mammooty.


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